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Our events have been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking forward to bringing everyone together again soon. iCC encourages our members to engage in the world of technology and embrace it’s impact on our industry!  Construction, now more than ever has to quickly adapt into the virtual world. Social distancing = virtual closeness! Connect with us as we stream live interviews with GC’s and Subcontractors in the coming weeks.Learn more about , how essential businesses in construction are navigating the COVID-19 crisis. To help you stay connected,  visit our member site at We recently added a Face Book member’s group. and are encouraging all members to join. You can join the group here: /iConstructConnect In January The SilverLogic Group hosted a panel discussion on Technology & Innovation In The Construction Industry. Todd Barna & Ves Marinova, of iCC were asked to speak on the topic alongside distinguished guest Adam Eric Richards, Partner at Katz Barron, a firm specializing in construction law. At the event the panelists addressed contract law, how technology is changing the way construction companies do business, decoding digital information in construction and setbacks on projects. All in attendance agreed that the topics were both timely and thought provoking. Todd Barna noted that …”while not much has changed in the way of tools and practicality when it comes to concrete cutting, the infusion of technology used to power critical functions like improving safety, connecting to clients and maintaining an efficient business model has been revolutionary.” … “The Speedy Concrete Cutting that I run now compared to The Speedy Concrete Cutting run by my father, company founder, Donald O. Minnick, is very different when it comes to technology and the ability to mine data and forecast for our businesses success for years to come.” iCC APP coming soon! Be The 1st To BETA TEST! #supportingconstructioncommunity #icc #iconstructconnect #networking #construction

Concrete Cutting, Coring, Removal, and GPR Scanning.

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