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The Office of Choice is At Your Service! Greetings from The Office of Choice – Jacksonville. We are very thankful for the great first quarter we had in the freezing winter season. Even though it was winter, we did not slow down at all, I must say that we had more than our fair share of work. We are welcoming the spring season in with great anticipation here in Jacksonville. The freeze is over, the trees are springing forth, and again the signs of new growth, which bring forth prosperity are here. The mission of Speedy Concrete Cutting of Jacksonville is to develop a new breed of motivated, professional, skilled and loyal concrete cutters as the face of this new generation. We would like to welcome back Jason Lowery to the Company,  he returns with 12 years of experience adding to the outstanding line up of Operators. His expertise will be highly appreciated here in the “Office of Choice”. We also welcome Dave Francis who transferred from the Fort Lauderdale Office. Dave Francis joins our team with 11 years of experience and is ready to rock. We are working on several projects here in our City. Richard Francis is on the Brasfield & Gorrie job working for Armstrong Air & Heat, core drilling (700) 2”-6” diameter cores in 11” hollow core slab. Richard shows great leadership and professionalism in keeping this project profitable. We have Tim Speeks core drilling at the Residence Inn Project in which they have to core drill (205) 2”-6” diameter cores in 8” thick hollow core slab on each of 8 floors. Jayson Lowery along with William Knapp are at the “Church of Eleven 22 Project” where we are cutting for the General Contractor Bradley Bowen. They have removed over 12,000 square feet of 6” thick S.O.G and over 700 square feet of 12” thick CMU wall helping the customer to keep up with their tight schedule. Tim Braxton and Elston Moorer are also very busy trying to keep up the ever demanding service schedule. We tip our hats to the very hard-working employees that are here in the “Office of Choice”. I know we have a long way to go before we get to the end of the year, but I am trusting that all will be well, and I am wishing all a very productive year. Until next time, STAY FOCUSED. #construction #noflo #jax #speedy #concretecutting

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