June in Solo

Another month has passed and this year, at least so far, seems to be going by in the blink of an eye! We have had our fair share of struggles here in South Florida, but have been successful at hitting our requirement every month, so far!! The Estimators, Miguel C., Keith Mc. And Todd L., have been pushing extra hard to keep all our operators busy and the board full. It seems that the last few months have been very hot & cold. We will be booked out a solid week and a half to two weeks at one point, and then all the sudden the faucet turns off, and we are pushing to fill the board for a few days. Strangest thing I’ve seen in a while, and believe me, I’ve seen some strange things in my days!! So nice job to the Sales/Estimating team. We just completed some larger jobs, like Griffin Insulation, where we cut & removed over 11,000 SF of interior slab, with Mike W., Mat S., doing the bulk of the cutting and Jason F. & Rick Y. doing the Bobcat removal & loading. Mark P., Alaim C. and Brian W., completed over 450’ of flush cutting in a planter wall, on a roof deck for Thornton Construction. Diamond Dave Francis, along with many others, finished cutting a job for D. Stephenson Construction, at a school renovation which took several weeks to complete. Otis F. and Tom F., a new Trainee, just completed a tough access type of job, chipping out an opening, on the 49th level of the Porsche Design Center, for Coastal Construction, which was located in a utility “Access Chute” where they forgot to add the access hatch on a floor!! It was in a 12” thick  P.T. slab, with zero ventilation and in an extremely tight working space!! Nice job!! Coy A. is about to complete a parapet wall removal, track-Sawing it into sections, flush with the roof deck, out in the hot Florida sun all day!! Coy had help on this from Dave F. and I am happy this job is coming to a close, because I don’t think we have any more umbrellas for Coy!!! All of our Operators, have been working hard, getting jobs done, with too many to mention in this tiny article. So great job by all and keep up the job work!! Until next month, keep the blades spinning!!! #homefront #newsworthy

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