June by the Bay!

The guys have been really busy this month and it looks like July will be just as busy. Jose Rivera has been hand sawing 6” precast panels the entire month of June for Robbins & Morton. Florida Hospital of Wesley Chapel is building a new addition and all the precast panels between the existing building and new addition has to come out on three floors. Robbins & Morton is furnishing all the slurry control and hand removal while Jose does all the hand sawing. Kris Weimern worked two weeks for Creative Contractors at the Lakeland Regional Hospital hand sawing and chain sawing (15) elevator door enlargements through 8” tilt walls, three on the 1st , three on the 2nd , three on the 3rd , three on the 4th and three on the 5th floor. James Hardge and Brad Anderson have been working for Cross Environmental and ADS Services at multiple locations throughout the month. Cross has had them electric slab sawing and hand sawing at Academy of Holy Names plus finishing up this summer’s Hillsborough County Community school kitchen remodels. ADS used us at Eckard College electric slab sawing and hand sawing in four different quads cutting out the bathroom floors for new underground sanitary lines. Brad Anderson has also been with Dave Horrell core drilling (30) 12” diameter holes through the 22” pier at the Mosaic Phosphate plant at the Port of Manatee. On July 7 Brad, Dave and Kyle Emrick from the Jacksonville office are scheduled to go back and start slab sawing 3,500’ of 22” slab for Hayward Baker. Juwan Wilson has a month’s worth of hand sawing concrete walls for Cross Environmental down at the Hilton of Marco Island renovation. Dennis Harper has been busy doing a lot of service work in June such as slab sawing, hand sawing and core drilling. Sean Zaccaria has done a couple of curb sawing jobs this month, one in Sarasota for Prince Contracting and another for Blacktip Services in Lakeland. He’s also been slab sawing 15” concrete and asphalt with Dave Horrell for Cheyenne Asphalt on the CSX Railroad Crossing renovation on 50th street here in Tampa. Jason Spinks finished up wire sawing the (4) 34” diameter pipe severs at the Duke Energy Plant in Crystal River. The steel pipe severs ended up being anywhere from 4” to 7” thick averaging two days per pull. He’s scheduled to go back July 5 to wire saw the 10’ diameter by 2” thick steel reactor pipe with (60) 2” diameter schedule 80 stainless pipes incased in the 10’ pipe. Chris Smith and Clifford Hughes just finished up the (200) patio door header enlargements in 8” concrete. They flush cut hand sawed and flush cut chain sawed each 6’ wide patio door flush to the ceilings. I’m happy to say Bryan Benjamin is back with us and he’s been going out as a second man on the jobs that require assistance. Richard McIntosh is driving the dump truck and skid steer and staying busy removing concrete. Rodney Thomas and Chris Desormier are staying busy in the shop working on trucks and equipment as needed. #citybythebay #newsworth

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