Happy Holidays From Jacksonville!

Happy Thanksgiving to the Speedy Concrete Cutting family and friends from the “Office Of Choice,” Jacksonville.  I hope that this year we all will find it in our hearts to be very thankful for all that we have and all that is to come. We know that it is always better to give than to receive. Please let us give as much as we can this Thanksgiving so that someone can be very thankful. We would like to say thank you to John Gunther and the Orlando Office for their help with the Archer Western Project “Sister Creek” bridge here in Jacksonville. Thank you Bobby (Orlando office). We are removing the bridge from deck to seal slab @ 40’ below water level. We are fighting very high tides and also very strong rip current but as always we will prevail. Thank you Jayson Lowery, Kyle Emerick and Tim Speeks for the great work that they are doing to keep the wire spinning. These operator’s gives 110% every day to keep up with the constant changes that the customer do daily. I would also like to say thank you to Justin, Thomas and pollard for their hard work trying to keep up with the service schedule. Even with the limited operator for the daily service these guys do whatsoever it takes to meet the demand of the customers. Jason Pollard is at the Ard Construction Project in Gainesville where he is core drilling some 24” x 24” opening in elevator pit, Justin Engberg is all over the NE to the NW of Florida just tending to the customer’s needs from Savannah Ga. – Panama City Fl. We have Thomas Reynolds also in Gainesville hand sawing man doors for Brasfield and Gorrie. Tim Speeks is also from Kings Bay Ga. – Savannah Ga. Core drilling 12” diameter holes. We would like to say thank you to our Mechanic Jared Tindall for his hard work that he has been doing with the maintenance of the fleet and also his help with the fabrication of parts and devices in helping us getting the job done right. Thank you Katherine for your assistance, we do appreciate your always willing help. I would like to say to our Estimator Danny Morris thank you for keeping the trucks going out, thank you. Until next time DON’T SUBSTITUTE SAFETY. #officeofchoice #newsworthy #safetyfirst

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