1st Quarter in Jacksonville

Hello again to the Speedy family from the office on the top of Florida (Jacksonville). The first quarter of this year was very successful and show that we are well on the way to another productive year. We here in Jacksonville are pulling out all the resources out of the plan to acquire the title of Top Concrete Cutting Company in Jacksonville. As we put some focus on Danny Morris the Sales Estimator here in Jacksonville, I would like to say well done. Danny is doing a wonderful job in keeping the work coming in. We are very happy to see repeat customers and new customer calling Jayson Lowery is still staying on top of his game by being the go to guy. He always come through when the ever so difficult jobs comes around. With his years of experience he is showing what it takes to be a concrete cutter of Speedy Concrete Cutting. When you have a concern he will deliver. Thomas Reynolds is now on top of his game, he has really grown into the Slab Saw cutter of choice here in Jacksonville. Thomas is at the Naval Base in Jacksonville, where he is cutting several thousand feet of 10” thick concrete on the tarmac and 8”-11” asphalt for Gulf Atlantic Electric. He is also cutting alongside CCB and ABC on the same job for Archer Western, where he is single handed out cutting ABC two cutters. What can I say Archer Western has being one of those contractor here in Jacksonville that only uses CCB, but the yoke is now broken and Thomas is doing it in fine style. Kyle Emrick is also at the Naval Base here in Jacksonville where he is cutting over 500’ of trench for Rutledge Pike Electric. He also was wire sawing 5’x2’ rakers at the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium for Precast Erectors. It was a very challenging project but we got it done, and we are very happy about its completion. Tim Speeks is showing that his experience in core drilling is worth its weight in river rock, he is drilling 6” cores in 6”-10” thick slab and wall for Sawcross and is doing a wonderful job. He is also keeping the guy at WW Gay Mech. Very happy with the timely completion of the service jobs that he is on for them.  Justin the newest member to the Jacksonville line up is showing that he is a team player who will play for Speedy Concrete Cutting. He is at the JEA WTP for Sawcross Inc. where he is hand sawing and track sawing. He is a very passionate operator when it comes on to his truck and equipment and also one of the hardest worker I have seen in a long time. Two more like him please. Jason Pollard is the port man he is at the Port of Jacksonville since he came on board . He will now own the name the pile man here in Jax. Only 200 more to go, hold on to the waby daby the waves are almost over. Thanks to Jared our mechanic for his ever needed contribution to this office he really display “whatever it takes attitude”. Not only does he keep the saws and truck up and running but whenever we are in a bind he put a saw in his hand to help us without any question. What an asset to have in your arsenal.  Until next time  DO NOT SUBSTITUTE SAFETY. #officeofchoice #safetyfirst #newsworthy

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