1st Q in O Town!

With a strong uptick in our starts at the end of the first quarter, we are continuing into the second quarter even stronger!! Bobby Lawson and Noah Walton have been cutting a few thousand feet of 8” interior slab on grade for Nash Inc. on the O’Connell Center @ University of Florida. We have started work on the new Orlando City Lions MLS soccer stadium; Mike Walton and Pete Lemire have been punching several hundred holes thru the 16” thick tunnel walls for Tri-City Electric and Coastal Mechanical. The team of Bobby Lawson, Joe Kenney, and Jerrod Mills knocked out an 8’x 8’ x 5’ thick radiation wall opening, wire sawing the opening into 4 pieces and helping our customer Ameri-physics palletize the concrete for disposal. Carlos Martinez and Flip O Campo spent a few day at the WH Montessori School for Everett-Whithead creating new column chases and header pockets for new steel placement, then Carlos went solo down st the RCP Plant for our good customers Forterra Precast (formerly Hanson Pipe Products). We are happy to announce the return of Mike Bower to the Speedy family. Mike formerly worked for us in the Tampa branch starting out as a mechanic, then shop foreman, and on to the operations manager position. He is getting back up speed and will complete the “Dynamic Duo” in Orlando’s operations office! In Other news; Michael Gonzales has taken on the task of retrofitting all our core drills and hand core drills with new waterproof switch boxes, new power supply cords, and installing the quick disconnect water whip set ups. Mike is now joined in the shop by Jerrod as he puts his service mechanic background to work servicing our trucks, rebuilding our wire saw set up, and learning hand saw service and repair. They have both been doing a nice job of keeping the guys in the field ready to meet the customer’s needs! Thanks everyone for the hard work!! #newsfromotown #newsworthy

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