Tampa Notable Projects!

This month Speedy Tampa got a call from superintendent Ryan with Robins and Morton at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa.  The concrete sub-contractor poured a 300’ long x 24” thick beam with an 80-degree chamfer on the outer edge. The structural beam needed to be cut back 2” while maintaining the 80-degree angled edge to accommodate the air gap needed once the pre-cast is hung. After talking with Ryan we developed a game plan to start in the middle of the building and work east.  This was to facilitate timely installation of the pre-cast wall panels being delivered to the job site. This job presented challenges such as: multiple track saw mounts, maintaining the angle needed, sequencing with other trades, working on the leading edge of the 3rd floor, and keeping the schedule for the pre-cast panel installation. Operators Kris Weimern, Jason Spinks, and trainee Zack Bush have been doing a great job overcoming these obstacles.  Multiple blade changes with an operator in the lift and another on the elevated deck are needed to change the larger diameter blades on the leading edge cut.  The series of set ups in between the red iron columns is very time consuming since we cannot make one long continuous cut.  Matching the angle with the track boots with an angle level on the blade at each location to keep the slope consistent is also very challenging and not a typical procedure of ours. Once each 10’ cut is made 24” deep the operators break off the 2” wide x 24” thick slivers of concrete with the customer providing a spotter below.  Both ends of the beam also have a radius cut that needs to be hand sawed since the track saw will not work in these locations. The operators have completed more than half of this scope of work since the job started last week. The contractor is very pleased with the outcome of the sawing and the angle that we are matching.  He complimented the efforts of our operators and is glad we could make this critical cut happen.  We have been working on this project since it broke ground and will continue to cater to them until this project is complete. #notableprojects #citybythebay #speedyconcretecutting #construction

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