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The Boyette Road Reservoir is a 500- million-gallon reclaimed water reservoir that will provide increased storage as part of the Pasco County Master Reuse System (PCMRS). The reservoir will help balance reclaimed water supply and demand, helping to make sufficient reclaimed water available to meet higher dry season demands. This project will also make reclaimed water available to more potential customers in Pasco County. The addition of reclaimed water customers to the PCMRS will help stretch limited fresh drinking water supplies by increasing the availability of reclaimed water for lawn and landscape irrigation. Vogel Brothers Building has been working at Boyette Waste Water Treatment Plant for the last 18 months. Since this project broke ground Speedy has been the go-to sub-contractor for all of their sawing and drilling needs. I personally worked with Mike, their senior superintendent for many years as an operator in the field and now as an estimator. He is a very well-rounded superintendent and has come to realize that Speedy Concrete Cutting is always prepared for any scope of work he needs completed. Mike has also had the pleasure of working with more than half of our operators and knows most of them on a first name basis. One of the more recent scopes of work we have performed there is saw cutting electrical trench with NO-OVERCUTS in an 8” thick slab with heavy rebar. They did not want overcuts since there are very heavy trucks that will be traveling over the areas the trenching went through. David Horrell did an outstanding job on the sawing and assisted with the skid steer removal ensuring that not one edge was spalled. He double cut the perimeters, diced the areas up into manageable pieces, and set anchors in the pieces that did not have very good skid steer access. The chain sawing that was needed to get the pieces out was minimal and Dave was able to identify the cuts, widen the cuts to save wear on the chain and remove the double edge with the skid steer and anchors. Another project we recently performed for Vogel Bro’s at Boyette WWTP was the modification of one of the exterior tank trough walls and slab. A section of one of the waste water tanks had a trough that stuck out from the side of the tank that was 50’ long x 6 ½’ tall x 8” thick poured in place. The trough also had an elevated slab section that was 50’ long x 3’ wide x 12” thick and had to be cut into machine removal size pieces flush with the tank that remained. The thinner 8” exterior walls were hand sawed into pieces and lowered to the ground one at a time with the customer’s excavator. The thicker elevated slab was track sawed into manageable pieces and lowered to the ground with an excavator. Christopher Smith and Dennis Harper core drilled rigging holes in each of these sections for the customer’s machine removal. The job was very challenging as the walls and slab needed to be cut while rigged to the equipment, all while maintaining fall protection and safe work practices. Mike with Vogel Bro’s was again very impressed with our operators and the finished product of the saw cutting and flush cut with the tank that remains. THANK YOU, CHRIS AND DENNIS, FOR ANOTHER OUTSTANDING JOB!! As a former operator for Speedy I never liked seeing a Waste Water Treatment plant on any job tickets. They usually coincided with highly reinforced poured in place structures and nasty working conditions. Thankfully we have the right equipment and operators to make these tough jobs as painless as possible. Vogel Bro’s also makes it a point to clean out the tanks prior to our arrival and support our operators with anything they can to make the jobs go smoother. They are a great customer and I am certain we will be cutting for them for many years to come. Mike recently scheduled more work in the weeks to come to keep our guys busy and the blades spinning. I would like to thank all of our operators for their hard work, safe work practices and dedication to providing the best sawing and drilling services in the South East. THANK YOU!! Vogel Bros. Building Co. is a fifth-generation construction services company with offices in Madison, WI and Lakeland, FL. As an award-winning company, Vogel Bros. has earned recognition for completing large-scale complex projects, encouraging innovation, embracing new technologies, and making a difference in our communities. We owe our success and longevity to the values established by the Vogel family that have been shared through the generations and are embodied in our employees. #tampa #notableprojects #construction #speedyconcretecutting

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