Tampa Notable Project: Sutter Roofing -Tower Place

Speedy Concrete Cutting, Tampa has been keeping the blades spinning in the Bay Area.  In November of 2019 the Tampa office was contracted by existing customer, Sutter Roofing, for the Tower Place project that was kicking off before the new year.  The project was a little bit out of the ordinary for our operators but we welcomed the opportunity and our team stepped up and made it happen.  The scope of work consisted of saw cutting and hand removing 6,100 square feet of a 4” to 6” thick nonstructural topping slab on the 10th floor of a high-end office building.  Mind you, this 4” to 6” slab was not a lightweight concrete that is typically used on a roof slab.The slab had wire mesh reinforcement toward the bottom of the slab.  The slab to be cut and removed was on eight non-functional balconies that had very limited access from the inside of the building.  Once we got on site, the real fun began. On our walk through with Sutter Roofing and the building owner’s reps we realized what kind of access we would have for our equipment and the removal of the concrete and slurry generated from wet sawing. Out of the eight balconies that wrapped around the building only 4 of the smaller balconies (12’ x 12’) actually had windows that opened and could be used for the access and removal process. The customer also had some requests that were somewhat out of the ordinary to keep their customers and clients happy and working through this challenging scope of work. To start, they wanted this done as a night job. From Monday through Wednesday (6pm to 6am) and then transitioning to days (6am to 6pm) on the weekends when the tenants were off of work and the building was vacant.  That seems like a pretty good working window, but the customer also had to have time in that 12-hour window to “dry” the building back in.  So, in other words whatever we cut and removed that night or day, the Sutter Roofing team had to install a temporary roofing system right behind us.  That, in turn brought our 12-hour working window down to a 6-hour working window.  The challenges were really adding up now, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.  Our next challenge was getting the concrete and slurry off the balconies, down the service elevator, and into the dumpsters at the loading docks.  Sutter Roofing had to connect the balconies with a system of decking and ramps that was roughly 100’ off the ground. The concrete had to be hand removed over another ramp through the windows that led into finished office spaces of multiple attorneys.  From there it had to be hand carted down the hallways of finished spaces and then down the elevator to the dumpster.  Sounds like a simple process but let me assure you, it was very challenging and time consuming to get just one piece of concrete out of the building, let alone 6,100 square feet.  Slurry control was also a challenge that consisted of wet vacuuming up the slurry each night, dumping it into 5 gallon buckets and hauling the buckets back to the shop where we could dispose of it.  All while keeping the hallways and finished offices spotless.  Granted the customer had some good floor and wall protection in place that was maintained throughout the course of the job with minimal maintenance because of how clean our guys worked. In order to meet the customers completion schedule we had to average 200 square feet of concrete per shift.  That’s 200 square feet of 4” to 6” concrete on the 10th floor balcony to cut and hand remove while also keeping up with the slurry in a 6-hour window.  That is a daunting  task for operators working slab on grade,let alone on the 10th floor of a building with a maze connecting the work to the dumpster.  Kris Weimern, Cliff Hughes, and Joe Kenney took the bull by the horns on this one and knocked it out of the park.  We did sub out a few laborers from one of our other customers Cross Environmental to get the debris into the dumpsters.  I cannot thank Kris and Cliff enough. They maintained a great attitude, kept the job on track and held tight to the timeline.  Joe Kenney, District Manager also kept pushing the pace in order to complete this job in a timely manner.  Sutter is finishing up with the new roof and soon the job will be complete on their end.  We built a good relationship with Sutter Roofing on this job and I’m sure they will continue to use our services in the future.It was a project worth noting! NOTABLE PROJECTGENERAL CONTRACTOR SPOTLIGHT One of the oldest and largest roofing and sheet metal contractors in Florida and the U.S., Sutter Roofing remains at the forefront of the roofing industry. For over 115 years, our dedicated employees have built the company’s reputation by providing high-performance commercial roofing systems, quality work, superior customer service, and the latest technological innovations. “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the great job you did on the Tower Place project . Your communication and cooperation with our staff were impeccable and your dedication on getting the job done with the schedule allowed was second to none . I would not hesitate on referring your services and would look forward to working with you again if ever needed” -Joseph Buchanczenko Operations Manager #construction #concretecutting #tampabay #notableprojects #speedy

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