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Well I believe the summer weather is upon us, here in Sunny South Florida!! It has progressively gotten hotter with each passing day. So remember to STAY HYDRATED!!! It doesn’t take much for heat stroke or exhaustion to grab you by the short hairs and take you down!! Eat plenty of bananas and keep electrolyte rich drinks (Gatorade, smart water, etc…) on hand, for when you feel a bit overheated. We have been literally hot & cold with the schedule here for some reason the past few weeks. One week we are booked out 5 days in advance and the next day we are scrambling to fill the board!! It has been nuts to say the least. We have been meeting our monthly requirements so job well done to the sales staff for pushing hard and making sure we achieve our objectives!! As far as jobs go we just finished a large deep drilling job for Structural Preservation at the Continuum Condo, in South Beach. Richard S., Garfield J., Logan P., Alaim C. and Zeffrey, did a great job and busted their rumps to get this job done quickly!!  Also we have Jimmy E. becoming our traveling Operator, just working in Lakeland for a few days, with John A., and now in North Carolina, doing some deep slab cutting, for an old Speedy friend and former employee, Daniel Mounts. We still have tons of slab sawing yet to start at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport tarmac replacement, so our summer is looking to get busy!! We have completed work at SLS Brickell, for JMA, with Otis. F, Cameron J., Cary C., Donovan A., and several other operators, too many to list have been working out there for several months. On a side note, getting back to the job in Lakeland for Folson Construction. This was originally an Orlando job, but the customers start date and urgency was not conducive with their current work load, so they contacted us here in FTL to help. We started the work and worked as long as we could on it, but the amount of cutting was beginning to cut into our schedule. So John Gunther and I got together and now John and the Orlando crew is going to complete the work, and also get some additional work out of it as well!! It just goes to show you what great team-work, calling on and being able to rely on the other offices will do for you!! So thank you to John, Joe and the entire Orlando crew for taking care of the customer and helping us meet our commitments on time!! Until next month, keep the blades spinning!!! #homefront #newsworthy #keepthebladesspinning

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