Spring in Solo

It has been an odd beginning to our year here in Ft. Lauderdale. We have had stretches where we have been slammed and stretches where we have been fighting to assure everyone was going out the door in the morning. It has been strange, but, we have continued to reach our monthly goal, so all in all it has been successful so far. We continue to work our large projects, like SLS Brickell for JMA, Brickell City Center for Americaribe-Moriarty, ICON Ft. Lauderdale for Moss Assoc., FLHIA for Central Florida Equipment, Seagate Cond’s for Kast Construction, Marriott Marco Island for Austin Contracting, 836 bridge for Condotte, Miami Children’s Hospital for Robins & Morton with all of our Operators, who are making our customers jobs much easier!! Our sales Staff has continued to push hard, with getting work on the boards and our Operators out the door every day!! Dade County has continued to be our bread and butter, but Broward is running a hard second. Palm Beach is such a large area to cover, with most times having a long drive to go with the work, but we are seeing a better showing there as well, with some very large and very new projects beginning up there, including, but not limited to the Ball Park of Palm Beach. In the shop, Tim Lee continues to get projects done and all our mechanics are working hard to keep the trucks and equipment running in good order!! Until next month, keep the blades spinning!!! #homefront #newsworthy #keepthebladesspinning

Concrete Cutting, Coring, Removal, and GPR Scanning.

Speedy is Ready to Serve!!