Spring in Central FL

Spring has sprung in  Central Florida and we needed all hands on deck:  Brasfield Gorrie has been keeping us busy on Three projects. Mike Walton and Bobby Lawson have been out at the Seven’s Condo project, with Mike spending almost the entire month there modifying all 9 floors of the elevator door openings in 12” precast walls. Bobby Lawson led the team of Miro, Peter and Noah. Carlos worked second shift for 5 days within the ever changing 6hr window to remove an 8’x 9’6” x 12” sheer wall and 567 square feet of 6” interior slab for our hand removal. All 567 sq feet of the slab had to be hand sawed and removed 200’ via a courtyard next to the ER Entrance. The new reincarnation of Downtown Disney, now called Disney Sprigs, has seen almost all of our operators at some point rolling out the Speedy arsenal. With a multitude of new stores the guys  have been up at dark-thirty working from 2am -6:30 am which are the only hours they will allow entry and exit in the still open shopping area. Tom and Carlos have cut out areas in the  Lego store for TCI, Rodney, Flip, Miro, and Tom have all removed the 11’x 15’ x 24” deep elevator pit with 12” poured walls and surrounding slab areas for Castle construction at Uniqlo. James Daniels drilled a 20” emergency access hole thru a bank vault wall this week for C.M. Freeman at a Bank of America after the lock failed to open. Lately we have had more late night and early morning jobs that regular hour jobs.. so thanks to everyone for dealing with the oddball schedules. We are excited to introduce several new operators to the team; Mike Waltons’s younger brother Noah has joined our team as of a few weeks ago. Bobby Lawson started with us 30 days ago when he relocated from Pennsylvania, brining years of wall saw, wire saw, chainsaw, and core drilling experience to the team. Our newest addition is Carlos Martinez, with two plus years of hand saw, core drill, and coring experience; Tom tells me he is a beast with a hand saw!!! Welcome aboard Guys!!! #newsfromotown #newsworthy

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