Spring by the Bay

The guys have really worked their butts off this month. Jason Spinks should finish the last (35) pile severs at Gandy bridge this week. Since March 1st he’s wire sawed (185) 20”x 20” piles and after these last (35) we’ll be done with the project. We’ve finished the entire bridge saw cutting and removal 5 months ahead of American Bridges schedule and they couldn’t be happier. Sean Zaccaria is still slab sawing every day at the St. Pete Pier for Sonny Glasbrenner. He’s been there every day since February 1st with no end in sight sawing elevated pier over water. Dave Horrell, James Hardge and Brad Anderson spent the first week of March slab sawing the South Bound I-75 bridge down over University Parkway in Sarasota while Kris Weimern and Chris Smith core drilled the rigging holes. Prince Contracting had (8) nights to get the 245’ two lane deck, caps and columns down and they made the schedule just fine. James Hardge and Dave Harrell have electric slab sawing 10,000 square feet of 5” to 6” interior slab up into 4’x 4’ squares for DHC Demolition’s skid steer removal as well. Martin Kelly and Dennis Harper are starting 6,000’ of 4” asphalt cutting tonight for Nelson Construction. Jose Rivera and Brad Anderson started hand sawing (26) door openings through 12” block walls for Cross Environmental removal at the Piece River School in Lakeland. Chris Smith and Clifford Hughes have been core drilling big holes through 12” poured walls at a waste water treatment plant for Garney Companies. Construction Services had a one week shut down at the Bausch & Lomb in Tampa. We had (10) operators there last Saturday and Sunday track sawing and hand sawing walls and floors. Everyone did a great job and the shut down went as planed with no hick-ups. Good job everyone!! #citybythebay #newsworthy

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