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We are having another blistering month here in the Orlando area; the board has been booked out for weeks, the trucks are all running strong, and we can’t say enough about how our guys are working so hard in the 90+ degree heat all day. Bobby continues to core drill, wall saw, and deep slab saw out at Kennedy Space Center, James has been sawing away cutting thousands of feet of interior trenching and mechanical opening for Nash on the O’Connell Center up at the “Swamp”. Noah and Flip have been drilling over a hundred 2,3’and 6” holes, and 30 plus mechanical openings on 4 floors at the Holiday Inn Express- Sea World for the EMJ Corporation. Tom and Rodney saw cut a few hundred more feet of double wall barrier for SGL Constructors A-2 over I-4 on St. Rd. 408. This week we continue doing work at Disney Springs,  this time on the paddle wheel restaurant “Fulton’s Sea Food” for Creative Environmental. Peter drill several 16” diameter holes in 12” tank wall for Wharton Smith. Thanks to Todd, Tara,  Kat, and the rest of the “K” team for putting together a great company picnic a few weekends ago!! We all had a great time getting to know our counter parts in the Tampa and Jax branches, as well as their families and guests. It’s been so long since we’ve had that opportunity and it was such an awesome time!! I know that the picnics were something Mr. M really loved and I have no doubt that he was watching over us with a huge smile seeing the Speedy family coming together like that!! In other news we’d like to say “Congratulations!!” to our shop mechanic,  Michael Gonzalez, for placing 3rd in the nation in the National level of Skills USA, in the mobile electronics division. In closing, Thanks to everyone for the great team effort in making for another successful month. Remember to stock your coolers with plenty of ice, water, and Gatoraid, stay hydrated, and most importantly Be Safe Out There!!!! #newsfromotown #safetyfirst #newsworthy

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