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The Middlesex Corporation was awarded the BP-468 Runway Rehabilitation project as part of the extensive repairs and upgrades to the existing taxiways and runways at the existing terminals of OIA.  The project included the replacement and widening of 4 major runway intersections between the main runways and the taxiways to the terminals. The key to the success of this operation was a cutting and coring contractor with not only the ability to accomplish the work, but it had to be coordinated as to not impede the daily plane traffic moving through the work areas, with carefully coordinated closures and very tight time constraints scheduled with the air traffic control, GOAA, and the FAA, with heavy liquidated damages for failure to complete benchmarks within the specified schedule. The team at Middlesex reached out to Speedy based on our performance on previous GOAA, OIA, and Middlesex projects we delivered in the past, teaming up with us to develop an effective means and methods plan, along with the manpower and equipment requirements in order to meet the extremely tight schedule requirements. We were awarded the contract, eventually totaling $215,000.00, for the cutting and coring package based on our thorough knowledge of the scope of work, a clear concise performance plan, and Speedy Concrete Cutting’s ability to provide the required manpower/equipment to complete the work.  Our scope of work ultimately included the saw cutting of over 35,000 linear feet of up to 23” thick concrete pavement, and (500)8” diameter cores at the same depth for eliminating overcuts in adjacent panels that were to remain. We were also tasked with the control, containment, and transporting of all the slurry from our operations of the airfield.  In one of the most critical shutdowns, Speedy had to cut over 7,000 feet of slab and provide (150) cores in just 5 days. To perform this tremendous task, Speedy had up to 11 operators, working 12-hour shifts, including Saturday and Sunday to not only meet the goal, but we completed the most critical path work a day ahead of schedule. The primary operator team on this project included Tom Rhoades, James Daniels, Mike Walton, Noah Walton, Tevin Lindsey, and Gus Canicatti as team leaders, with various other operators switching in and out as needed to hit our benchmarks. In the end, all the management planning, coordination, and exceptional performance from our operators, earned Speedy offers for additional contracts from GOAA, OIA, Middlesex. We are looking forward to working on The GMP 2S Box Culvert and the South Expansion Terminal C concrete coring project in the near future! #SCCOrlando #NotableProjects #Construction #ConcreteCutting

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