Operating As An Essential Business: COVID-19 Best Practices

Speedy Concrete Cutting is a proud part of the construction industry.As an “Essential Business” during this Public Health Crisis, we have developed a tailored COVID-19 Prevention, Exposure and Preparedness Program. In the past few weeks, we have changed the way we approach our daily work and life.Best practices like social distancing, limited contact and increased PPE’s for employee safety have been adopted to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and to keep our people safe. This article will share some of the more valuable steps we are taking as a company in hopes that it will inspire others to think creatively, proactively and in their employee’s best interest. As you roll out plans to keep your essential workers safe, be sure and share them online and through social media. We are all in this together! OPERATIONS In operations, we have developed a more robust and rigorous cleaning schedule for our property, tools, vehicles and equipment. We have increased our PPE offering by providing nitrile gloves / face masks above and beyond those required under ourRespiratory Protection Program and Silica Exposure Requirements. Human Resources is supporting our essential personnel through provisions, policies and procedures during this unprecedented public health emergency. We have armed each employee with hand sanitizer, an alcohol based cleaning agent for their daily use and have ensured ample time for cleaning and preparing job sites at the start and end of their shifts. We have limited the use of company vehicles to transport only one person at a time in observance of social distancing. We have trained and educated our entire workforce on Covid-19 and our Emergency Plan. We have advised all employees to keep Social Distancing practices up even during lunch breaks, sub meetings, toolbox talks and in their personal lives. We have reminded them that they are the authority on safety and can call a Stop Work into dispatch anytime the conditions present a threat to their health and safety. We have revised hours of operation and have deployed a staggered start time and wrap up time that limits the number of employees onsite at once. All of our Operators are being screened for temperatures daily as they get dispatched right from their vehicles to limit hand to hand contact. We are maintaining a visual check on their overall health and well being. Office staff are also being screened for temperatures multiple times per day. We have closed our doors to guests, vendors and all non-essential visitors. We have instituted a work at home policy and created virtual department offices on Google in order to keep our administration teams working and communicating efficiently. TELEMEDICINE In partnership with our occupational health care providers at Concentra, we have been able to successfully launch our workers compensation telemedicine protocol. Providing care without the elevated risk that comes along with being seen in clinic has been a game changer during the Covid-19 pandemic. Employees have access to care24x7 and can schedule a virtual visit with trustedclinicians we know locally. At Speedy Concrete Cutting, we are forward thinking when it comes to physical therapy. Keeping our approach front and center, we have even been able to offer TeleTherapy. The capacity for service has exceeded our expectations during this public health emergency and we will likely continue to engage in the Concentra Telemed Services for rechecks, MMI visits and when employees decline medical attention. Using Concentra Telemedicine is a win-win and a great way to enhance and respond to the need for exceptional and timely care during this Public Health Crisis. As part of our Benefit & Compensation package, all employees and their dependents are given Employer paid membership to TelaDoc. The program allows for all employees, despite their enrollment onto our medical plans, access to quality care 24×7 using the TelaDoc app or website. Speedy has offered this benefit for several years now and the true value has really taken shape as employees and their loved ones have needed medical advice and Covid-19 screenings. As an employer, it has been an exceptional tool for us to utilize as part of our return to work program for absences that included fever, cough and anything that may have been illness related. Teaming up with Teladoc and Concentra both have been really critical to managing our employees health and ensure they were getting practical, sound advice from medical professionals. #covid19 #bestpractices #speedyconcretecutting #hr #construction #concretecutting

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