New in “O Town”

With a mild winter and lots of sunshine the work load is continuing to grow and we are picking up the pace  in the Orlando area.  Our field staff is up with the recent addition of Tony Spence to Orlando; He has been doing a great job meeting customer needs days, nights, and weekends with pretty solid feedback from our regular customers. A couple of other new additions are in the shop, with experienced mechanic Brain Martin and intern/mechanic apprentice Michael Gonzalez. Brian has many years of experience working with the City of Orlando and then a few years with a local concrete cutting company. Michael is about to graduate from Mid-Florida Tech with a certifications as a diesel mechanic. Welcome aboard guys!!! Happy Anniversary goes out to Mark Hart celebrating 12 years of Service this past week. He has been a definite part of the success we have been able to achieve over the years and has built many great relationships as he represents Speedy in this area and keeps the dispatch office flooded with work orders!!! In  the field Miro Blaggogevic is continuing his training with Flip on the Castle Construction project, pre- cutting 12” thick slab on grade in a pit for Flip to complete using the 30” handsaw. We are starting a critical path project for HW Davis cutting out several hundred square feet of 6”- 18” deep slab on grade, 70’ x 4’ high x 20” thick radius walls and as many feet x 24” wide x 18” deep footers to make go away in 3 days at The NBA café being renovated at Universal’s City Walk. Hubbard Construction has had Tom and Flip out cutting 24” piles, wire sawing  some  12’ long x 4’ high x 12-14” thick end bents and 30” x 24” pile caps on the Beeline expressway bridge over Universal Blvd. Flip and Mike Watson have taken turns pulling the Sunday shift for Coastal Mechanical at the Florida Hospital Cancer Center in Apopka for the past few weekends. Finally we have a great number of “Atta Boys’ this past month including a few for Peter Lemire, Flip O Campo, Mike Walton, and Tom Rhoades. Its an awesome thing to hear our customers reinforce what we already know; The talent and work quality of the Speedy Orlando crew is the best and brightest in  this market!! Finally I want to say “thank you” for all the outside help we have been getting from the other branches; Joe Kenney working with Danny to get a great foundation in the dispatch office, Eddie from Ft. Lauderdale running up here and getting a few trucks running and others diagnosed and prioritized for repairs, Rodney in Tampa for some diag and pump replacement on one of our DH 30 units, and all the Fabrication guys turning around our units to get us back up to speed and looking professional again!! Great Job everyone and GO SPEEDY!!! #newsfromotown #newsworthy #gospeedy

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