Employee Spotlight: Miguel Chacon

This month I would like to recognize one of the hardest working, most dedicated men, I have had the pleasure of working with, Miguel Chacon. Miguel is not only dedicated to his work, but he is just as dedicated to his customers!! In the recent past, while Miguel was taking some much needed time off, I was covering for him, in his Dade County territory, and had the pleasure of listening to and actually seeing the real and true connection, Miguel has made with all his customers!! Many of them actually said they consider him like a brother, and know that he will not only take care of them when they need our services, but believe he would do anything for them on a personal level! To me, that is a true testament to not only his work ethic, but his core character as a person!! Miguel is typically the last one out the door, on any given evening, not at the strike of 5:00 pm, but when he has completed the tasks at hand!! As dedicated to his work as Miguel is, he is even more dedicated to his wife and daughter, and is a complete family man!! I believe there is nothing he wouldn’t do to make them happy!! I consider it a privilege to work with Miguel and really enjoy our conversations, not only when he seeks advice on a particular job, but also when we talk about everyday life.  It is no wonder Miguel has become a model of success in his role as Estimator, when you look at the effort he puts into everything!! So thank you Miguel for all your hard work and dedication!!! #qualitywork #corevalues #employeespotlight #gospeedy

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