June in Northern FL!

Hello to the Speedy Family from Jacksonville. The temperature rides on the extreme here in Jacksonville, so please keep your body hydrated. The summers are our extra busy season, so let’s get our head in the game and knock this one out of the park. Jayson Lowery is at the ME&S Construction project where he is Hand Sawing (3) 30’x13’x12” thick window opening in CMU walls. The customer was very impressed with the quality of work that Jayson has done, he was so happy that he called us back for another project that he was working on. Kyle Emrick stands as the image that should be admired; he exercises our Core Values in everything that he does. He is working for the GC Feastaco, chain sawing (32) 12”x12”x8” thick mechanical opening in elevated slab. Kyle was also at the Aquino Construction project where he is lowering the height of several concrete pipes in a not so favorable condition, but he did not complain, he got the job complete with a smile on his face. Tim Speeks is at the Flagler County Jail working for WW Gay Mechanical where he has over 200 3”diameter cores in 8 thick elevated slab. I would like to take the time out to tell our Sales Estimator Danny Morris that we do appreciate all the hard work and time that he put s in this office to make it a growing success. Danny stands with us in the slow and in the real busy times. He is always at the door /trailer of every new project that pops up in this city. This Office could not have done it without you Danny Morris and I hope that you had a wonderful Father’s Day and also looking forward to a Blast of the 4th of July . Jason Pollard is running our service schedule, he is all over Jacksonville and surrounding areas. He is learning the dynamics of service schedules and the methodology to execute great service. Justin and Thomas Reynolds have the opportunity to cut out aprox. 700 sqft. Of 5” thick concrete in S.O.G for Campbells Plumbing. They show great team work. The customer was very happy with the amount of work that those guys did in such a short time. Until next month from Jacksonville DO NOT SUBSTITUTE SAFETY #officeofchoice #safetyfirst #newsworthy

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