Jacksonville-where Big Things happen…

Hello to everyone from Jacksonville, yes the place where big things are happening. We are very grateful to our operators for their hard work and dedication to help us keep our commitment to our customers. Jason Lowery was in GA. Where he was working for WW Gay. He was cutting a 10’ x 10’ x 12” thick wall opening in the side of a 75’ diameter x 100’ tall Silo. The job was one of those that will take out of you all that you have to give in eight hours, it put sa physical and mental drain on the operator but at the end of four days we walk away victorious. The owner was so happy with the final product that they want to put one more opening on the opposite side. Justin E. is one the last week of the WTP project for Sawcross Inc. where he is taking off the top five feet with the roof off a water treatment tank. He was put to the test to see his true skills and potential. He show us that he have what it takes to carry out the leadership and the responsibility it takes to run a big project. Kyle Emrick is now in the opening as he just keep on overcoming all the issues that comes at him on a day to day basis. He is at the residence inn hotel for Vantage construction where he is enlarging windows trimming off elevated slab and core drilling , whatsoever the customer need to be fixed Kyle is there to see that the customer walk away with a smile. Jared (jt) is our mechanic here in Jacksonville, he is an all-around employee who steps up to the plate on any given day to help us out cutting when we don’t have the man power. He does hand saw, slab saw, track saw and core drill. Thank you (jt) for having the whatever it takes attitude. Until next time stay cool, and be blessed. #officeofchoice #newsworthy

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