Jacksonville Notable Project: Kajima Building & Design Group -UPS

With the many projects that the Jacksonville office is engaged in, we have decided to point out Kajima Building & Design Group (KBD), the General Contractor for the UPS Warehouse Expansion, as the Notable Project. The UPS Warehouse here in Jacksonville has been undergoing several expansions for some time now. Speedy has been working on this project for several different sub-contractors for over a year. We were asked to bid on the door enlargement section of the project for KBD and was awarded that work. Speedy Concrete was able to meet the contractor demand to supply supervision for the track sawing and removal of 189 door enlargements  (8’ x 6’8” x 9” thick to 9’6” x 9’ x 9” thick) to haul off site. The work was bid by Jacksonville Sales & Estimator, Jared Tindall, who now oversees the day to day operations of this project. We have some of the best talent on this job. We would like to say thank you to Kesean Young, one of the wall saw Operators who is going all out to overcome the heavily reinforced concrete wall. His skills and patience have been put to the test. We also would like to say thank you to Kyle Emrick for showing his expertise in wall sawing, chain sawing and running the lull for the removal of the door enlargements. This job is a test of the character and determination of the cutters. The walls are heavily reinforced with double mat rebar at 6” on-center. Despite all the difficulties that we are facing, the press for meeting the schedule is of vital importance. Our crew is pulling out every trick of the trade to keep this pace going. We are very thankful to KBD Group for giving Speedy Concrete Cutting of Jacksonville the opportunity to showcase the great company that we are. NOTABLE PROJECT CONTRACTOR SPOTLIGHT We are leaders in providing the highest value of construction services for our clients. With our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, we have been designing and constructing facilities in the United States since 1964. Our diverse project experience and core values highlight our company’s versatility and passion for what we do. #notableprojects #construction #noflo #jax #concretecutting #speedy

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