Happy New Year from “O Town”!

As we speed into the new year there are many positive things across the board happening here in the Orlando office; Our new shop foreman, Patrick Macauley, is settling in nicely;  Danny Price has a good handle on his new role as Ops manager in dispatch, and every afternoon Mark is dropping a “bucket o tickets” for more work to squeeze onto the already packed board. Some of the projects we’ve been doing include the Publix pharmacy distribution center where Tom Rhoades, Mike Walton, and Dave Lemire have cut out (24 ) new dock levelers, a 90’x 45’ freezer pit, and a 30’ x 20’ area for a new cooler/freezer combo. It seems as of late we have had almost as many night jobs as day jobs including Peter Lemire for Millenium Electric drilling holes over occupied areas below, W.E. Dentmon had Rodney Ephriam and Miro Blagojevic at the Albertsons around the corner cutting plumbing trench in the occupied store, and Rodney was also working all week at Disney Springs cutting roadways for Atlantic Civil Constructors. We bailed out S.I. Goldman as they are up against the deadline for the opening of Daytona Rising in time for Speed Weeks 2016, including the Daytona 5oo.  We have been drilling holes and chain sawing openings for last minute changes all over the new grandstands and concession concourses.  While most of our customers were relaxing New Years weekend, Flip O Campo, Tom, Mike, and Miro were out removing a 30’ wide x 6’ x 8” concrete eyebrow, (4) sections od 6’ wide x 8’ high twin T wall panels at 26’ high, and a 30’ long x 26” high x 8” thick tie beam @ 24’ high for a new entrance to the Sea Ray manufacturing plant in Flagler Beach for Merrill Construction. They completed the work in (3) 10 hour shifts two days ahead of schedule!! Great Job Guys!! Before I go I would like to Thank Joe Kenney for all his help over the past few weeks working with Danny in dispatch getting him the guidance he needed and allowing me to work with Patrick as Corey was leaving and the outside sales while Mark was on vacation!! We all appreciate the extra hand on deck and the infamous comedy routines Joe bring everywhere he goes. #newsfromotown #happynewyear

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