Happy Holidays from The Homefront!

And That quickly, it’s December!!!! It’s incredible how quickly this year has flown by!! We have continued to cut incredible amounts of concrete down here in South Florida, with a little help from our friends in Tampa as well!! The sales team, Miguel, Keith and Todd continue their dominance in their respective territories, and keep pushing and pulling to squeeze more work on the already filled boards!! We have had great success, with all the Operators taking their turns and working full days on Saturdays, which has been a huge push for us here! We have finally finished the Structural Preservation job, at Echo Brickell, Wire-Sawing those (7) 9’ x 3’ x 4’ thick openings, with John A. and Cameron J. completing there on the 17th. Now John, teaming up with Kimroy I., has started another 3 week or so Wire-Saw job, for Night & Day Construction cutting 2’ thick headers in a high rise!! Otis F. & Tommy F. did an awesome job cutting down a stairway, in a brand new high rise condo, for Terra Group and to be honest with you, it looks like they were never there!! They also completed an elevated slab job for Hitt Contracting, that was a little hairy, without a hitch!! So great work there by those two men. We have a slew of Operators at the Diplomat Resort, working for Shawmut, with Dave F. & Donovin A. taking care of all the Core-drilling and Mike C., Lavelle W. & Jermaine H. doing a bunch of core cutting and chipping out of topping slab, at the new spa area. On a personal note, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend, with friends and family alike! It makes no difference to me how you and your family choose to celebrate during this holiday season, as long as you do it right, and you are rooting for the Eagles & Penn State!! So celebrate well my friends, and be ready for another banner year for Speedy and all of us who make it such a great place to work!! Until next month, keep the blades spinning!!! #homefront #happyholidays #newsworthy

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