Happy Holidays from the City by the Bay

Wow!!! December is here already. Dave Horrel, Jason Spinks, James Hardge, Brad Anderson and Bryan Benjamin just started demolition on the last of six bridges we’ve completed in Sarasota for Prince Contracting. James, Brad and Bryan are working days with Dave and Jason working nights coring rigging holes, plunging barrier walls, sawing deck and diaphragms.  It’s the (4) span 225’ long by 60’ wide North Bound I-75 bridge over University Blvd. in Sarasota. Based on yesterday’s and last night’s production we’re sure to meet the 5 day deadline with success. Jason Spinks has been wire sawing for a month on a couple different projects in Ft. Lauderdale as well. The Ft. Lauderdale office was so busy at the time they ask for assistance and Jason volunteered.  I’d like to thank Jason for stepping up and working out of town with NO COMPLAINTS. Juwan Wilson is also working out of town in Naples this week for Electrical Contracting Services. He is ringing (7) 80’ tall light poles into sections for their rigging and crane removal. The customer went out of his way to call the office and compliment Juwan on being such a good worker and he should beat their allotted time in having all (7) poles down. “GREAT JOB JUWAN.” Chris Smith, Sean Zaccaria and Cliff Hughes have been core drilling (24) 24” diameter holes through a 12” to 18” thick heavily reinforced tank slab at a WWTP in Clearwater for Poole & Kent. Jose Rivera and Brad Anderson have been core drilling rigging holes and hand sawing  8” poured block and precast panels on a huge renovation job at James Museum in St. Petersburg. We’re doing all the saw cutting for our friends at Cross Environmental and Beck Group. Dennis Harper is electric slab sawing on two large projects for DHC Construction. The first one he completed was a 30,000 square foot interior slab and the second one he’s on now is a 12,000 square foot interior slab. DHC is having him saw cut both projects in 5’ x 5’ squares for their removal and disposal. Kris Weimern and Juwan Wilson worked (4) nights last week core drilling (100) 3” through 8” holes through 6” elevated deck at Tampa International Airport. Kris is also doing a lot of service calls while these large projects are going on. We’ve hired a second dump truck and skid steer driver to assist Richard McIntosh in hauling. His name is John Boggs, he has 8 years’ experience in removing and hauling concrete for our largest competitor here in Tampa and I’d like to welcome John to Speedy. Thanks to Rodney, Chris, Kelly, Matt and Travis for all the hard work and assistance. #citybythebay #newsworthy

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