Gulf Coast Summer Update

Greetings from Gulf Coast! All the guys from Tampa would like to thank Speedy for the family picnic. It was a big hit with them and their families. Tampa would like to welcome  a new hire Craig Squire. He is a CDL guy who will be helping us with our bobcat work on the B&M Masonry project removing 20,000 square feet of 6” parking garage slab that Sean Zaccaria has been sawing. Dennis Harper has been sawing several miles of 2” asphalt  for Prince Contracting on the I-75 project. Kris Weimern has been working nights the last few weeks core drilling scupper openings on the Hillsborough County Courthouse for Walbridge Construction. Bryan Benjamin is back without missing a beat after his 2 year  on the road back to health. Way to go Bryan! Dave Horrell and Brad Anderson have been working for Hayward Baker at Mosaic slab sawing 4,000’ lineal feet of up to 30” thick slab. Jose Rivera is close to wrapping up his work at the Wesley Chapel Florida Hospital for Robbins & Morton. He has been handsaw sections of tilt wall the past four months straight on this project. He was starting to receive his mail there. Juwan Wilson has been hand sawing a few hundred piles at University of Tampa for Crossroad Construction. Jason Spinks will be at the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant wire sawing a few more months for Townsend Constructors. Tag team Clifford “ Junkyard Dog” Hughes and Chris “ Macho Man” Smith have been working on a few waste water treatment plants for Vogal Brothers Construction cutting tank walls. Long lost brothers reunited Richard McIntosh and James Hardge have been have been holding down the fort keeping up with our everyday service work and hauling. Everyone stay cool and drink plenty of water. Until next month! Tampa out! #citybythebay #newsworthy

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