FT Lauderdale Notable Project: Hedrick Brothers – Pratt & Whitney

Speedy Concrete Cutting was recently contracted by a full service construction company, Hedrick Brothers to provide sawing and drilling at a Pratt & Whitney facility specializing in the manufacturing of Jet-Engines for  Commercial and Military Aircraft. Due to the high level of security, our Operators were vetted through the necessary background checks while management completed the required Job-Safety Analysis and prepared to mobilize services. Our scope included ( 26 )  slab-openings up to a dimension of 13’  x  13′  x  8”  without “over-cuts” because of existing epoxy finish at the work-areas. This scope was necessary to facilitate the forming and pouring of proposed column-pads, allowing the installation of a crane-system, enabling Pratt & Whitney to relocate the jet engines to different work-areas, depending on the specialty of their technicians. Our team has worked on many projects over the years and each comes with their fair share of challenges.  On this scope, our team’s greatest challenge was our inability to utilize gas-powered equipment because the proposed openings were approximately 600’ from outside space. It was decided that we would  tap into “House-Power”, to provide 480-V, 3-Phase power on a 50 Amp Breaker, to our electric-saw. The operation of our tier 4 diesel skid steer also required our Operators to wear Co2 Monitors. Operator, Ryan Hewitt began the process of “double-cutting” the perimeters and cutting openings into 1,600 lb. pieces. The cuts where then loaded by Jason Frank, our Bobcat/Dump Truck Operator, onto our awaiting dump-truck, for daily removal from the site. In an effort to avoid “spalling” of remaining edges, the Operator extracted the first couple pieces at the center of each opening using a “catch-plate”, thusly allowing the removal of the remaining concrete with the bobcat’s forks.After the removal of ( 24 ) “primary” slab-openings, we encountered additional concrete to a depth of 24”.Another unexpected challenge our team faced, was due to the opening size. We couldn’t use a  “walk-behind” saw within the confines of the existing depression and it became necessary to score-cut @ 8” O.C. each way to a depth of 10” and then “flush-cut” the perimeters, with hand-held equipment.This allowed for chipping and hand-removal of the remaining reinforced concrete / rubble.Thanks to Ryan Hewitt and Jason Frank for their unmitigated work-ethic.Despite the additional scope, challenges and pivots in strategy,Speedy Concrete Cutting delivered exceptional service, almost according to the initial timeline. As a result, Hedrick Brothers has assured us that we will be the “Cutting-Contractor-of Choice” for Phase II at this site. This was indeed, a Job well-done and a project worth noting! NOTABLE PROJECTGENERAL CONTRACTOR SPOTLIGHT Structured to serve the Southeastern United States and Florida construction markets with headquarters centrally located in West Palm Beach, Florida, Hedrick Brothers Construction is a full-service quality-driven firm providing a range of building services to both the public and private sectors since 1979. Our team is passionate about building quality projects and providing uncompromised excellence to national and regional clients and design teams for their most demanding and complex projects. #construction #concretecutting #notableproject #soflo

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