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In the past few years Speedy Concrete Cutting has begun to roll out components of our long term strategic plan. In this article, I want to highlight the success of the plans and programs we’ve rolled out and their impact on our Company’s financial health, insurance position, technology, real estate holdings and fleet/equipment improvements. The goals we have achieved and are continuing to pursue are made possible by our outstanding employees and their commitment to being the best they can be in each of their roles. We want to thank you all for your effort and outstanding contribution to making speedy Concrete Cutting the best sawing and drilling company in the southEastern United States! Let’s dive right in… Equipment & Asset Update To that end, we have established new financial partners who are helping us fund large equipment purchases, we have qualified for a comfortable line of credit for emergency needs and have purchased our Fort Lauderdale/Corporate building and established a line of credit for renovations that are already beginning. Our goal in 2020 is to allocate the current administrative offices to R&M/Shop and move accounting and human resources to the newly renovated 2nd story of our Operations Building. It should go without saying that with Fort Lauderdale and San Antonio (Tampa) properties are under corporate ownership, Speedy Concrete Cutting has intentions to remain the premier Concrete Sawing  and Drilling company in Florida for years to come. Investing in our company and our people is a top priority. With better equipment operators can work more efficiently and safely and new equipment means less stress and stain on our shop mechanics. Our investment in equipment also improve customer experience and outcomes in the field and lends to our recruiting efforts because having the best trucks and equipment means that our trainees and experienced operators can do what they do best and not have to constantly worry about maintenance and work arounds while delivering our service to customers. Amongst our equipment purchases, some of the most notable are our four new GPR scanners. Although we have had a couple in Fort Lauderdale for quite some time, now we will have at least one for each location. We believe this will add quite the value for our customers. In the past year and half, we’ve been able to buy out thirty-two of our leased vehicles, and we plan to buy out another twenty-nine in the next year. Not to mention our repair and maintenance team have built seven new trucks and expect to finish another three by year end. The expanded space when the repair and maintenance team take over the administrative buildings will certainly be put to great use! In closing, thank you to all our excellent employees for their contribution and dedication. As our founder Mr. Donald J. Minnick always said – “Our Employees Are Our Greatest Asset”. #technology #finance #construction

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