Employee Spotlight: Dave Horrell

Dave Horrell is a lead concrete cutter for SCC in Tampa. He’s been with us for nearly 20 years now. Dave came to Florida from Pennsylvania not long before going to work for Speedy. Dave is known for being labeled as a “Steady Eddie”. All of his co-workers tell that he has a slow and steady pace while they are hustling to try to keep up with him and his production. Dave is a Master Slab Saw Operator that makes it look easy. Don’t let the fact that he is a veteran fool you. while he’s likely been working here before some of our next gen operators were even born, he sets the bar high and is excellent at his craft. When he’s not cutting, Dave enjoys spending time with his two daughters Heidi & Lindsey and their families, especially his grandchildren. Dave’s hobbies include playing guitar, baking, wood working all while enjoying an ice-cold beer or two. He’s also known for erecting a very elaborate train set and village every winter that travels from room to room throughout his home. Dave we appreciate the honest, hardworking man that you are! Congrats on being our Core Value Spotlight Employee. #speedyemployeespotlight

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