Core Value Employee Spotlight

Here’s To You: Philippe Ocampo! First and foremost, I would like to expand on the true meaning of what this “Core Value” really means. We need to understand that it encompasses all of us in our daily pursuit of the company’s bottom line. Speaking from the viewpoint of Operations Manager, it is not just about the expectations of the customers we work for, but of the expectations of our operators and sales staff. Each and every one of you should have the expectation that you will be provided with vehicles and all necessary equipment in good working condition in order to allow you to perform your daily assignments. In return, we should expect each of you, to provide us with the information needed to address items that do not meet this expectation and prevent you from providing our customers with quality performance. These are the core values that will ensure this company continues to exceed customer expectations. These core values I have described, are practiced best by our operator, Philippe Ocampo. I have had the pleasure of working with Philippe for a little over 3 years and have witnessed his excellent execution of the core value practices. Philippe is our #1 requested operator on jobs. There are customers that will wait a week or more just to have his impeccable skill and work ethic on their jobs. An example of how he goes above and beyond in his daily tasks, would be a particular job where there were some bollards that needed to be cut. Two of the bollards were 4’ AFF and halfway inside a door opening. Once they were cut, Philippe covered them in cardboard and caution tape to prevent anyone being injured on the freshly cut tops of the bollards. Most would have just left them exposed. I assure you that after being in this business for 12 years this is not the norm for someone who has been at this for 11 years. One tends to get lax after many years. Philippe’s core values have never wavered in 11 years working for Speedy Concrete Cutting. This not only tells me that our core values are important to him, but a part of his character as well. Philippe is our top trainer, lending his vast experience to our trainees and younger operators. Teaching them an understanding of what Speedy’s Core Values really mean and giving them the knowledge to emulate him. Thank-You Philippe Ocampo for a job well done! #employeespotlight #corevalues

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