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This is typically the place and time that we look at a particular employee and highlight a particular behavior that he or she displays that makes them a more valuable asset to our company and our company a better choice in subcontractors for our customers. This spotlight is supposed to shine on an individual going “above and beyond” the normal call of duty.  Someone that has taken one of the ideals that this company stands for, owns it, believes in it and exhibits it resulting in exceptional performance; something far beyond ordinary.  When put that way, it doesn’t sound so easy, does it? And, I’m not going to lie to you, it isn’t always easy finding a person performing exceptionally month after month especially considering that we like to “spread the wealth” so to speak and focus on a variety of people working in different capacities throughout the company.   Please don’t misunderstand; I’m am in no way saying that we as a company and we as individuals aren’t doing a good or even a great job. We are. There is no way that we could possibly have gotten to where we have gotten over these past 4 or 5 years if we weren’t doing a good job but, truth be told, we get paid to do a good job; don’t we?  But, that isn’t what this is supposed to be about. This is supposed to be about believing in something bigger than us as an individual. This is about the entire company believing in a set of ideals that are so morally correct, logically sound and transcendent beyond the simple performance of our duties that if we as a company, a group, a family practice them without fail then the only option is absolute success. These are not rules or policies or procedures. This is a belief system, ideals that define who we are as a company and who we are as individuals; they are (or should be) our cores, our very fiber. They are what makes us a better and better people. So, all that being said, where do we go from here? Are these six ideals really who we are as a company? When I sat down to write this article I asked myself just that and the answer, like so many honest ones that challenge who we are, wasn’t a real comfortable one and, as they most often do, led to other questions. “If The Company wants its employees to value its core beliefs and ideals, what has The Company done to promote them?” “In fact, outside of the (long gone) Training Facility, when was the last time The Company, and especially its Managers even said them out loud?” Shame on me… I know this may all sound like a bunch of mental BS, and you may be saying “hey, I’m just an operator or a dispatcher, or a salesman or mechanic; what do I have to do with these company ideals? Do I really make a difference? Does what I believe as an individual; my morals, my character really define the company? I think if we look at ourselves and answer that question honestly, it is a resounding yes. There are those of you out there who do believe in these ideals and probably still know them. I can think of one operator in particular, but I won’t embarrass him here, who could probably still recite them verbatim. For those of you that can’t, here they are: CORE VALUES Safety is our Number 1 Priority Our commitment towards this is one of unwavering dedication to protect our staff above all else. Exceeding Customer Expectation It is the Primary purpose of every Speedy employee to exceed customer expectations regarding the Quality of Work performed and the level of customer service delivered. Whatever It Takes Attitude The Company and its staff will be relentless towards completing its tasks.  Our attitude towards engineering solution will be steadfast and unwavering. Professional Image and First Impressions are Everything It is every staff member’s responsibility to create a powerful first impression.  Our personal appearance, along with that of our facilities, vehicles, and equipment will be one that says we are Professional. The Staff Represents our Greatest Assets Our human capital will be acquired and protected with the belief that our future success is entirely dependent on it. People Promote Themselves Staff members promote themselves through their actions of discipline, accomplishments, and education.  It is each individual’s responsibility to promote themselves through their own efforts. Again, so where do we go from here? If the company wants its people to practice these ideals then the company and again its Managers have to promote them and always, always practice what we preach. I know that there are a LOT of people in this company who take great pride in what they do and in the products that they deliver; I see it every single day. Do we want to be better? Isn’t that what pride is; being the very best we can be? Pick one. Pick your favorite, own it and put it into practice. See if it makes you better. I know mine; it is and always has been number three; “Whatever It Takes Attitude – The Company and its staff will be relentless towards completing its tasks.  Our attitude towards engineering solution will be steadfast and unwavering.” Over the next 30 days I’m going to polish these up a bit and in 2017 I’m going to promote these to each and every one of you and I’m going to challenge you (particularly our Managers) to join me in making our company better. Not for me, but for us because is our company and it will always and forever be only as good as the people in it. -Todd Barna, CEO #corevalues #gospeedy

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