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Happy Holiday’s from Tampa! It’s hard to believe the year is almost over and 2020 is about to begin. 2019 had its challenges. Not with not having enough work but having enough manpower to keep all of our trucks full to get to the work. In my 12.5 years with Speedy I do not remember our sales and estimating team being as busy as we are bidding work especially in November and December. Hopefully 2020 continues to keep us as busy as last year. We would like to welcome new employee Larry Laflamboy to our team. He will be taking over as our new dump truck driver doing our removal and hauling. Larry’s first day out we sent him by himself to hand remove 650 square feet of 5” interior slab for Interior Enterprise at the Pediatric Health Care Project in Brandon that Juwan Wilson had cut two days before. Without batting an eye, he went to work with no complaints. I like his attitude! Jose Rivera is also back with Speedy after a 7 month stretch working with another company in the Tampa area. Jose has been core drilling the past 3 weeks for The Blue Works Company, core drilling numerous holes on the Arlington Arbor Project in downtown St Pete. We have had a few men on this job but now Blue Works personally requests for Jose to be the one we send for the remainder of the job. Jason Kenney and Jason Spinks have just wrapped up phase 1 of a job they have been working on the past few weeks at Tampa International Airport for Cone & Graham Construction cutting down a bridge. The job consisted of the slab sawing of bridge deck and wire sawing the diaphragm’s, girder’s and columns. Kris Weimern and Cliff Hughes just kicked off the Sutter Roofing Job on a high rise building in downtown Tampa where they will be cutting 6,500 square feet of 4” topping slab on the 10th floor roof of Tower Place Office Building. Brad Anderson has been core drilling for American Empire at the St Pete Marina where they are rehabbing the dock piers. Brad was also just married on Thanksgiving weekend to Hillary. We all hope they have a long prosperous marriage. Until next Time! Tampa Out!

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