Employee Spotlight: Mark Pressle

When we talk about the Core Values important to Speedy, there are two which resonate with me more so than the others, The What Ever it Takes Attitude, and People Promote themselves. When I think about these two philosophies, there are a few people who possess these, but no one more than Mark Pressley.  Mark is one of our “Seasoned” veterans, who shows up every day on time, does what he is supposed to do, but also goes that extra mile not only for Speedy, but for his customers!! He continually shows the determination and dedication, in his work, his interaction with the customers, and also with his fellow employees!! Mark has had a tough road to hoe, the last couple of years, but has done it all with zero complaints and a dedication and determination that is inspiring!! Always with a good morning & a smile on his face, Mark continues to do his job diligently and with a first class work ethic and pride in his work. By doing all this, Mark fulfills the 2nd of the philosophies, with promoting himself, through his abilities, effort and dedication to his profession!! So congratulations to Mark Pressley, on this Month’s Core Value Spotlight!!! P.S.  Did I mention Mark is also from Philly??  Bonus!!!! #qualitywork #corevalues #employeespotlight #gospeedy

Concrete Cutting, Coring, Removal, and GPR Scanning.

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