Back into the groove!

After a bit of a slow start here in Sunny South Florida, we seem to be getting back into our groove, and booking several days out, which is a very welcome change!! We continue to have Otis F. and Donovin A., working every day, for the past several months, at the SLS Brickell job, for JMA. In addition to those two, we also have Cary C. and Cameron J., working at this project as well, for the last month or so!! We had Mat S. & Joe S. (no they are not father & son, even though they look alike), doing a great job out at Taylor-Brooke, dropping elevated openings. Rick Y. is staying quite busy with GPR scanning and Core drilling, for several customers, Healey Plbg., Moss Assoc., and Atkinson, to name just a few. Garfield J. and Jermaine H. are drilling endless holes for Power Design, and Richard S. just finished drilling some 20’ deep holes for Gerelco Traffic, which went flawlessly. The Sales team, Miguel, Keith and Todd have had their backs up against the wall starting this year, but have continued to work diligently, and get the boards filled and the guys out the door every day!! Until next month, keep the blades spinning!!!! #homefront #newsworthy #keepthebladesspinning

Concrete Cutting, Coring, Removal, and GPR Scanning.

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