1st Quarter from SoFlo

Hello, from South Florida. The first Quarter of the year has already passed and now we begin the 2nd quarter, looking to improve on not only last year, but also, the 1st quarter as well. We finished very strong and look to continue the push forward, by improving on our customer service, not only on our large projects, but our smaller “hit & runs” as well. We have proven our capabilities, our work ethic, and our commitment to being the best, time and time again, and believe me, the contractors are taking notice!! We have in the last few months, either taken projects over from other, non-performing cutting companies or simply been awarded the project, solely on our past performance and dedication to getting the job done!! We just wrapped up one of these projects, for Astaldi Construction, on the Spanish River Blvd. I-95 Overpass Bridge, where Todd Livingston was persistent in making contact and persuading Astaldi, to “give us a chance to perform”, which we did tenfold! Jimmy E., Mike W., Mat S., John A., Richard S., Logan P. & Garfield J. did an outstanding job on this project. We are still working at several John Moriarty projects, including the SLS Brickell, where Otis F. & Cameron J. seemed like they lived there for months, Hand-Sawing & Chain-Sawing hundreds of areas. Also, we just finished a tough access job, cutting overflow scupper openings in a brand new hotel, The Atton, for Moss Associates, with Mark P. & Jermaine H. getting not only the cutting done, but doing all the water & slurry control and clean-up, making sure not to let the slurry run down the outside of the building too much, as cleaning this would have been a nightmare. We are continuing to push hard in sales and dispatch, to make sure this is the best year Speedy has ever had, and continue to try to grow and keep this machine running!! Until next month, keep the blades spinning!! #homefront #newsworthy

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